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8 major parks add fresh highlights in Kunming

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-08-02

People take a visit to a park. [Photo/ Zhai Jian]

Planting, mending, beautifying and afforesting have been done to make 8 major parks in Kunming more attractive since the first half of this year.

Yunnan Zoo(动物园)has introduced 180 waterfowls and succeeded in breeding a total of 110 animal babies since the first half of this year. The animal babies consisted of 12 species, including gibbons, procyon lotors, macaques, machins, elks, sika, kangaroos, peacocks, etc.

Green Lake Park(翠湖公园)has renovated Jiulong Pool and Goldfish Island, while it has a comprehensive maintenance for fish view building. The missing parts of paths, banks, building rooves, walls, bridges and dustbins have been mended.

Country Park(郊野公园) has increased 7 mu planting area for memorial trees in the holiday village, the east part of the park.

Xihua Park(西华公园) holds a series of family activities for summer holiday between July and August.

Grand Park(大观公园) has improved the landscape level of Yujia Garden and Lu Garden. The ancient buildings in Jinhuapu historic preservation zone will be set as exhibition hall where stone inscriptions, the inscribed boards and couplets, relievo and ancient furnishings can be displayed. The chrysanthemum will be on exhibitions in autumn in Grand Park.

Tanhuasi Park(昙华寺公园)prepares exhibitions of panting, calligraphy, root craft, rare stones and bonsai on National Day. Pawpaw bonsai exhibition is scheduled for Spring Festival of the next year.

Golden Temple Scenic Area(金殿名胜区)has a landscape alteration for camellia exhibition zone by the supplement of Dian Lilacs, cover plants and special variety of camellias. Above 100 camellias of Yunnan species were planted.

Heilongtan Park(黑龙潭公园)carries out trees planting activities. More than 200 trees, such as plum blossom trees, sweetgum trees, etc, have been planted by families of Kunming. The park is striving for 14th national plum blossom exhibition in 2014. The historic and cultural resource in exploring makes the park to strive for recognition of national grade scenic spot. The repairing of water garden and bonsai garden will be completed in the second half of this year.(Reporter:Cheng Chunyuan, editor:Minnie Mao)