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Explore footprints of dinosaur in Jinning County

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-07-30


Photo shows the duplicate of dinosaur fossils in museum. [Photo/Qu Mingfei]

Travel tips

Kunming(昆明)(about 65 miles away)-→Kunyang Town,Jingning County(晋宁县昆阳镇)-→Xiyang Township, Jingning County(晋宁县夕阳乡)
Buses have opened from Kunyang Town to Xiyang Township in Jinning County since 2009. 

In the southernmost part of Kunming Prefecture, and on the border of Yuxi City and Eshan County, there is a town named Xiyang which is under jurisdiction of Jinning County.

Up to now, there are just only two fossils of Dilophosaurus in the world. One is in American and the other is in Xiyang. On a day of 1987, a naughty boy, Jiang Wentao(江文涛),played truant with his mates. On the hill of Xiyang, they climbed a soil mound up and slide down. Their slide caused the appearance drop of soil and then a large animal bone appeared in front of them. The bone is the first dinosaur fossil found in Xiyang. Afterwards, a total of 13 dinosaur fossils were discovered there and one of them is named Dilophosaurus sinensis.

Driving the car westward from the seat of Xiyang Township, guided by a local guider, reporters arrived at the foot of a hill which was called “nature reserve of ancient animal fossils of Xiyang”. Some trees and sparse grass grew on the hill. It was hard to believe that the hill had owned the rare fossils once.

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