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A hundred mu roses drowned after rain in Jinning

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-07-20

A flower grower drains away water in his rose field with pumps in Jinning, a county under the jurisdiction of Kunming. [Photo/ Yang Fan]

Nearly a hundred mu of roses were flooded by the pour lasting from the morning of July 16 to 17, causing about a million Yuan of losses to flower growers in Jinning, a county under the jurisdiction of Kunming.

A dozen of pumps were draining away water in three blocks of plastic tents near Yongle Road in Jinning yesterday afternoon and numerous of roses in buds withered by drowning.

"Flowers are doomed to die by flooding for 2 days," said Zhang Jiming (张继明), a flower grower. A total of 11 mu field of roses he rented were waterlogged. He had grown roses for 4 years, and had never faced such severe situation. "The plastic tents used to be waterlogged during the rainy seasons in previous years, but the water in the field could be drained off soon by pumps without causing any effects on roses," said Zhang. Some flower growers introduced that owing to the low-lying location of the field, the water overflowing moat and water on the Yongle Road poured into their field whose areas was nearly a hundred mu.

Zhang said that according to the present market prices, the heavy rain had caused a total loss of over a million Yuan.

Yesterday afternoon, flower growers started to clean waterweeds and other rubbishes in the waist-high Laizihe River. "No one is in charge of the blocked river, so we have to dredge ourselves," said a flower grower. Flower growers thought that the river was blocked because it had not been dredged for a long time and a railway which was under the construction had added the blocking situation.

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