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Wanderer in Kunming - legend of a fan of folk archeology

By : Inkunming|Updated: 2011-07-15

It is the most facinating thing for Cao Liming to search the relics in the caves.

In Kunming, there is such a person we may call him as a wanderer of modern society who pursuits his dream in his whole life. His dream is to find out what had happened in the ancient time in Kunming. For his dream, he has almost spent his last cent, bearing the poverty, hardness and torment. However, he is still going on for making his dream to become true.

His name is Cao Liming(曹黎明). In recent years, he is writing a book named "Kunming Wonders”. His textual research has entered into the period when the last emperor of Dali Kingdom(ancient country) escaped to Kunming.

Dali Kingdom(大理国) was a Bai kingdom centred in what is now Yunnan Province of China. Established by Duan Siping in 937, it was ruled by a succession of 22 kings until the year 1253, when it was conquered by an invasion of the Mongol Empire.

Cao is trying to reveal the mystery how a large number of people who followed the last emperor of Dali Kingdom finally disappeared. For this, he has rummaged all the caves in Shalang and Fuming. His savings RMB 30,000 Yuan and his inheritance form his mother RMB 58,000 Yuan are all spent on the subject.

If Cao finds something about his archaeology, he will call the media of Kunming to report his progress. And the media give him a nickname “fan of folk archeology”.

Now, after his long textual research on the mystery, Cao believes that the Bai ethnic group living around Shuke Village of Fuming Country shall be the descendants of Dali Kingdom.

His work will come to the end with the cleanness of the mystery. The book "Kunming Wonders" will present his archeology discovery of the last three years.

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