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238,700 mu farmlands hit by drought in Shilin

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-07-14

In total, 238,700 mu farmlands, including all the129, 800 mu tobaccos, are currently being parched in Shilin Yi Autonomous County, Kunming.

By July 10, a total of 99,900 mu grain crops, including 16,500 mu rice and 65,800 mu corns, 14,700 mu potatoes and over 2,900 mu other crops as well as 8,980 mu vegetables have suffered from drought. The drought-stricken areas of grain crops, vegetables and tobacco totaled 238,700 mu in Shilin.

Technicians have been organized to the severe drought plaguing areas to guide farmers to interplant, replant and adopt multiple cropping of crops such as sweet and crisp corns, potatoes etc by the department of agriculture and forestry in Shilin since July 11. Funds for drought resistance have been allocated for irrigation so as to lower the losses. (Editor:Lynn)

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