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Tourism festival to open at Guandu Ancient Town

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-07-07

The 9-day 2011 (Kunming) Guandu Ancient Town Midsummer Tourism Festival will be open in Kunmng, Yunnan Province on July 9.

The tourism festival aims at presenting a new look of ancient town to all the people living in Kunming after its comprehensive improvement in many items such as the supporting facilities, the special events on local ethnic group cultures, and several essential elements for travel(eating, accomodation, traffic, etc).

Moreover, the launch of the festival is for tourists to learn more about the history and culture of Kunming.

With the theme of “enjoying summertime in Guandu Ancient Town”, many performances will be presented to add joy to the festival, including performance of lanterns, Yunnan opera show and various folk dances. In addition , more shows such as the three-course tea(三道茶)of Bai ethnic group and the traditional copper workmanship which is called Wutongzouyin(乌铜走银)will also be presented. (Editor:Hyesung)