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Kunming airport opens 14 new domestic flights

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-05-26

Picture shows the busy scene of Kunming Wujiaba International Airport.[yunnan.cn]

With the beginning of 2011 summer flight schedules, flights on 14 new routes take off from Kunming Airport.

China Eastern Airlines (CEA)' Yunnan branch opens four new round-trip domestic flights, Beijing– Kunming–Pu'er, Kunming–Linyi–Dalian, Kunming–Baise–Guilin and Kunming–Yingchuan. Based in Shanghai, CEA was established in June 1988. It is one of the biggest airlines of China.

Yunnan Lucky Air launches five new round-trip routes, Kunming–Xiamen, Kunming–Haikou, Kunming– Hangzhou, Kunming–Wuhan–Jinan, Kunming–Jinan–Dalian.

Four new routes will be operated by Kunming Airlines after 1 June this year, Kunming – Lijiang – Kunming, Kunming–Chengdu, Kunming-Chongqing–Yiwu–Kunming, and Chengdu–Lijiang–Kunming.

Sichuan Airlines' Yunnan Branch opens a new round-trip route from Kunming to Jinan.(Editor: Ryan Li)

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