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21st Chinese Chef Festival to be launched in Kunming

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-05-10

The 21st Chinese Chef Festival will be held in Kunming, Yunnan Province from October18 to 20. Vice mayor of Kunming Lixi(李喜) attended the Promotion Conference of the festival which was held in Beijing on May 8.

At the meeting, Lixi introduced the conventioneers the charm of Kunming and the details about the Chef Festival, which has received highly praise from the Organizing Committee and representatives.

Taking the theme of “Green ecology” “Health”, “Ethnic characteristics” and “Pan Asia”, this year’s chef festival will be held at Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Centre, and many venues will be set to feature Chinese foods in Yunnan Nationalities Village and in other surrounding counties. Varieties of events will be presented on the occasion: Pan Asia banquet, Yunnan Food festival, China (Kunming) catering fair, cooking competition etc.

According to Lixi, the chef festival is one of the big activities in Kunming; it is not only a precious opportunity to vigorously develop the catering industry of Yunnan, but also a new develop-the-west strategy to promote the internationalization and catering industry of Kunming. By inviting catering enterprises from Southeast Asia and South Asia, it strives to create a Pan Asia international food festival and to make Chinese chef more international. (Reporter:Hyesung,editor:Minnie Mao)

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