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1400-people elephant foot drum dance applys for Guinness

By : CNTV|Updated: 2011-04-13


In Yunnan Province, there was a grand gathering held in Dehong over the weekend with more than 14-hundred people dancing together. The Dai ethnic minority hopes to inscribe their unique ethnic dance on the World Guinness Book of Records.

The elephant-foot drum dance is the most popular and most typical male dance in areas inhabited by Dai people. It's called Gaguang or Fanguang in the local Dai language.

This unique instrument is made of carved mango or ceiba trunk covered with cowhide, and looks just like an elephant foot.

After transplanting rice seedlings or reaping a bumper harvest, male Dais beat elephant-foot drums and dance in celebration.

Dais are very fond of elephants, which to them are the symbol of diligence, bravery and sacredness.

The dancer carries the elephant-foot drum over their shoulder and beats it mainly with his right hand; his left hand helps only in coordination. He beats the drum with fist, palm and fingers. Sometimes he also uses his elbow, knee, heel and toes.

The drum can be long, medium-sized or short. The dance done with a long drum appears very graceful, with the medium-sized one, it is vigorous with broad, sweeping movements; and with the short one, flexible and bright.

Local cultural authorities hope to boost the fame of this ethnic minority and their unique performing art through applying for a listing on the World Guinness Book of Records as the most dancers dancing the elephant-foot drum together.

Another application for Guinness has also been launched as the world's biggest elephant-foot drum. The gigantic drum is 9 meters long and two meters in diameter and weighs more than two tons.

The result for the two applications will be unveiled later this week.