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Guide for foreigners to purchase a house in Kunming

By : InKunming|Updated: 2011-04-12

How can a foreigner buy a house in Kunming? What procedures does a foreigner need to finish when they purchase houses in Kunming?

“Many brokers are not familiar with the house-purchasing procedures for foreigners to go through in Kunming because so far, there are few foreigners who buy a house in Kunming, but more people are planning to”, said an estate agent .

A broker said, in recent days, they have met a foreigner who wanted to buy a house in Kunming. So, let’s go down to the documents needed and the procedures:

.Proofs of domestic work

According to Circular on Further Regulating the House Purchasing of Foreign Institutions and Individuals (《关于进一步规范境外机构和个人购房管理的通知》), when the competent departments of real estate are in the process of the individual sales contract and property rights registration record with a foreigner, in addition to the required documents stipulated by Management Approaches of Urban Real Estate Sale(《城市商品房预售管理办法》) and Housing Registration Approaches(《房屋登记办法》), the buyers also need to provide:

•The proofs of more than one year work experience within the territory of China;

•Ooverseas Chinese and residents in Hong Kong and Macao need to provide proof of working/ studying and staying within the Chinese mainland ;

•A written commitment of no other houses within Chinese mainland ;

.Chinese names should be registered in the certificates of title.

•A passport can be used as identity card for foreign buyers, as the Chinese names are A Chinese name is required to be registered in the certificate according to Housing Registration Requirements, hence foreigners need to translate their names into Chinese and post a statement for their Chinese names.

•Anyone who is non-local permanent resident is under the influences of restriction orders, so are the foreigners.

•Passport, marriage certificate and proof of income are needed when a foreigner applies the mortgage loan. If the marriage certificate is issued in a foreign country, the notarization and certification procedures for the certification are also needed.(Editor:Minnie Mao)