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1st national- level sugar repository of Yunnan settled in Kunming

By : Kunming|Updated: 2010-09-14

A sugar repository project has been concluded during the 6th Kunming Pan-Asian International Agriculture Exposition 2010 that kicked off on September 9 at Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center. The sugar repository will be controlled directly by China’s central government.

As the first national-level sugar repository of Yunnan, it will cover an area of 23 mu and is expected to have a storage capacity of 100,000 tonnes.

Yunnan is the second biggest sugar-producing region in China, with its sugarcane yield accounting for approximately 20% of national output. But there is no national-level sugar repository in Yunnan yet, which has brought much inconvenience to sugar enterprises in storing and purchasing sugar. Hence, the settlement of the sugar repository is expected to boost the development of sugar industry in Yunnan. (Editor:Minnie Mao)

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