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Phase-I project of Asia's largest solar power plant put into operation

By : Kunming|Updated: 2010-05-26

The first-stage construction of the Kunming Shilin Solar Energy Photovoltaic Demonstration Power Plant has been completed and the phase-I project with an installed capacity of 20MW has been put into operation on May 25. Upon completion, the total installed capacity of the power station is expected to reach 166 MW that will be Asia's largest.

With a total investment amounting to 9 billion yuan, the station is expected to be fully completed by 2015. By then, the annual energy production will reach 188 million kWh, with an annual reduction of 175400 tons in carbon dioxide emissions.

Located about 70 kilometers southeast of Kunming, Shilin Yi Autonomous County is well-known for Stone Forest, a set of remarkable karst formations. It is a part of the South China Karst and was inscribed in 2007 on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The high altitude, bright sun and clear skies make Yunnan an ideal location for solar power facilities. China's central government has also been promoting it. (Editor:Minnie Mao)