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International award-winning Dian-style kites seeking investors

By : Kunming |Updated: 2010-05-14

Dai Yongqing and a kite made by him

Dai Yongqing(戴永庆), the creator of unique Dian-style kites and teacher of some international award-winning kites artists are seeking investors for mass production of kites.

Dian-style kites are three dimensional kites that were created in Yunnan Province of China. They are well known for their very unique design. Twenty-five of China’s fifty-six recognized ethnic minority groups reside in Yunnan Province. Using a variety of techniques, the typical Yunnan kite is built up, layer upon layer, and the finished product is seen as representing a unique cultural expression of freedom which contrasts with existing repressive social structures.

As the creator of Dian-style kites, Dai Yongqing has won lots of awards, including the first place in the 19th (2002) Weifang International Kite Festival. And Li Jingfei(李竞飞), one of Dai Yongqing’s students is well-known in the U.S. Her kite named Charm (《魅》) has won the first prize on the Washington State International Kite Festival on August 20, 2009. Up till now, some kites made by Dai Yongqing and Li Jingfei have been included in collections of Seattle World Kite Museum.

Having made kites with hands for more than 50 years, Dai Yongqing hopes that some investors will put money to realize the mass production of Dian-style kites, and then develop Dian-style kites into one of the featured travel products of Yunnan. In this way, the incomes of rural poor people will be increased.

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