Chinese farmers drum their way to World Expo 2010 - Kunming
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Chinese farmers drum their way to World Expo 2010

By : Xinhua|Updated: 2010-04-17

NANCHANG, April 17 (Xinhua) -- Putting down their spades to pick up a pair of drumsticks, 36 farmers from east China's Jiangxi Province are busy rehearsing their drum performance in preparation for a Shanghai Expo parade in July.

Wearing yellow scarfs, yellow clothes and red belts, the farmers assemble into two lines and bang on Desheng drums, an instrument with 600 years of history.

The band, called "Desheng Drum," was formed by farmers from Xiangshan Town, Nanchang City, the provincial capital. The most senior one is 64 years old, says Shi Jingliang, the rehearsal coach.

"They rehearse everyday. Some of them come to our rehearsal right after they finish their work in the fields," Shi adds.

The farmers will join the parade during the Jiangxi Cultural Week from July 3 to 7 at the Shanghai Expo site.

The Desheng Drum Kit includes Desheng drums, and both big and small cymbals.

The Desheng drum is two meters tall.