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Yunnan to provide better protection for detainees in custody

By : Kunming|Updated: 2010-03-16

Reporters learn on March 15 that prosecuting authorities across Yunnan Province will provide better protection for detainees in custody from then on to prevent the occurrence of detention center death such as "hide-and-seek" incident. The investigation and punishment on duty-related crimes will be intensified; meanwhile supervision and inspection in detention centers will also be strengthened. Besides, efforts to crack down on jailhouse bullies will be intensified. It is reported that 110 jailhouse bullies have been investigated punished in Yunnan after "hide-and-seek" incident occurred.

The "hide-and-seek" incident

Li Qiaoming (李荞明) was taken into custody in Jinning county on January 30, 2009 for cutting trees without authorization. He was hospitalized on February 8 and died four days later from severe brain injuries. The detention center at first claimed that he died of playing a game of "hide-and-seek", but investigations confirmed that he was beaten to death by three fellow inmates.

The Li mishap also has allegedly sped up the process of the revision of the country's compensation law, which requires detention centers, along with the police, procuratorates, courts and prisons having an obligation to compensate people for violating their rights in criminal cases. (Editor: Minnie Mao)