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1.3 billion To build the Super Ecological Park in Stone Forest

By : en.kunming.cn|Updated: 2009-03-20

2009 Investment-attracting Promotion Conference was held at Stone Forest Scenic Spot on March 18th. Not only eight projects of total investment of 1.5 billion were introduced to thirty-one investors, but also two major projects were signed, which includes the maximum contract of 1.3 billion-invested Stone Forest Wanjiahuan Eco-Agricultural and Cultural Park.

The largest aeromodelling base in Yunnan will be built this year

More than 1.5 billion Yuan will be invested to the following 8 key investment-attracting projects: Stone Forest Yijingyuan High-end Residence, Stone Forest Folk Handicraft Processing and Trading Centre, Ayulin Vacation Villa, Yi Shengshi Theme Park and Stone Forest Daily Torch Festival, as well as overall development in Dadieshui Scenic Spot, Gui Mountain National Forest Park and Changhu Lake Scenic Area.

The two major projects signed on 18th were the Stone Forest Carnival Residence which is invested by Yunnan Yuantong Investment Ltd with 62 million Yuan and Stone Stone Forest Wanjiahuan (In Chinese, Wanjiahuan means every family is happy.) Eco-Agricultural Cultural Ecological Park invested by Yunnan Wangjiahuan Food Group Ltd with 1.3 billion Yuan. The latter one chose to settle beside Tuanjie reservoir in Stone Forest Town of Stone Forest County, and eco- agricultural planting, ecological dining, experiencing vacation villas, hotels, base for outdoor development training as well as movies and TV programs creation will be the main business of this project.

It was introduced by deputy general manager Duan Chengzhi(段成志) that upfront investment of this project is 0.3-0.6 billon Yuan, while rolling investment will be 1.3 billion Yuan after 5 years. Eight functional districts are planned to build: greeting, ethnologic culture, comprehensive service, business affairs, sports and leisure activities, residences, experiencing agriculture and art district (Heiqing Stone Forest). More than 40 million Yuan has already been invested to construct a multi-functional hall which combines body building with conference and accommodation. The biggest aeromodelling base and an outdoor archery field in Yunnan province are planned to build this year.

Plenty of investing opportunities in Stone Forest

Li Zhengping(李正平), a member of Stone Forest County Standing Committee, managing director of Stone Forest Scenic Spot Administration and director of management committee introduced that compared with corresponding period the volume of serviced guests by March was 40% more than the previous year and 19% more than 2007. He said, “Stone Forest has established favorable tourism brand and social credit standing. The total tourists were 15.74 million, while the average amount was 1.97 million from 2001. Over 1.6 billion direct income of tourism have been achieved. Especially in recent 3 years, the tourism in Stone Forest has been developing fast. The average amount of visitors is 2.45 million for each year and bring 0.28 billion Yuan of direct income, while the overall income is 1 billion Yuan each year.”

However, the tourism here mainly relies on providing low-end leisure and natural sightseeing. Lots of investing opportunities are available in Stone Forest while changing from only sightseeing tourism to comprehensive tourism which combines sightseeing, leisure, vacation, body building, ecology, research, and exhibition.(Reported by Matilda, edited by Ada Zhang)