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New Kunming Airport to name Zheng He International Airport

By : en.kunming.cn|Updated: 2009-02-09

Cultural significance is of great importance to a city which is under extensive development. Representatives of People’s Congress of Yunnan Province suggested yesterday that the new constructing Kunming Airport should be named after the great sailor and explorer Zheng He who was born in Kunming back in Song Dynasty.

Reporter learned from Kunming Representatives of Yunnan People’s Congress that 57 representatives have brought up a bill for this name and it will be referred to the congress in this morning. The constructing new Kunming Airport is the only approved international airport hub program of state during the period of "11th Five-Year Plan". And the airport is going to be a hub next only to Beijing’s, which links Southeast Asia, South Asia as well as Eurasia.

According to the bill, airports named after giants had had a great influence throughout the world. For example: Charles de Gaulle International Airport of France, John F. Kennedy International Airport of New York, Suvarnabhumi International Airport of Bankok, Leonardo da Vinci di Fiumicino International Airport of Rome, and etc. If Kunming’s new airport was named Zheng He International Airport, it would be of great importance for Kunming to construct itself a Sino-ASEAN free trade zone and the most convenient international passage connects Southeast Asia and South Asia as well as constructing the modern new Kunming.

Zheng He is a local Kunming people. He led a huge fleet and sailed to Atlantic Ocean seven times 600 years ago that created a great feat in the human history of navigation. In the following decades of his time, he sailed with his fleet and visited more than 30 countries across Asia and Africa, had shown great bravery and superb wisdom of Chinese people. China has made July 11th the Ocean’s Day to commemorate Zheng He’s sailing.


Reported by Feng Lili
Translated and edited by HJ


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