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Lijiang is to build Laojunshan National Park

By : Kunming Daily|Updated: 2009-01-09

Laojunshan Mountain

It is reported that Lijiang government and Yunnan Tourism Industry Group will invest ¥500m to construct Loajunshan hill into a national park within 3 years.

The Laojunshan National Park covers an area of 1085 square kilometers (419 square miles), which is about 60km (37 miles) away from Lijiang. The Liming, Liguang in the north and the Dayangchang, Jinsichang in the east of the park will be mainly developed while the Jiushijiu Longtan will be the core natural reserves for natural species protection and scientific research. The Park is expectedly to be an important exhibition base of the world natural heritage of the "Three Parallel Rivers" and the most important eco tourist attraction after Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Lijiang.

Among the first 8 trial national parks in Yunnan province, Putacuo national park, Meili Natioanl Park and Shangri-la Great Canyon National Park feature in Snow Mountain and glacier. The Laojunshan national park features in Danxia landform, high mountain ice-eroded lake cluster and wetland. The Nujiang Great Canyon national park aims to build eco tourist area with ethnic groups' culture for hikers and driving tourists.(repeorted by Zhang Ruiyuan, translated by Sam)