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Lijiang Lugu Lake Airport to be constructed in 2009

By : Kunming Daily|Updated: 2008-12-16

News from relevant department of Yunnan Civil Aviation indicated that the construction of Lijiang Lugu Lake Airport will be launched in 2009 and finished within 20 months.

It is learned that the Lijiang Lugu Lake Airport will be located at Shifo mountain area of Hongqiao which is 50 kilometers(31.07 miles)away from Ninglang county and 25 kilometers (15.53miles)from Lugu Lake scenic area. According to primary plan, about 900 million yuan (US $132 million)will be invested into the construction of this airport; what is more, this 4C-level airport is capable of handling Boeing 737 and A319 aircrafts and is expected to handle about 1.5 to 2 million passengers each year. Lugu Lake Airport will be built as civil regional airport of Yunnan province, and it will be an important part of three- dimensional traffic network in northwest of Yunnan, besides aims to connect Guangzhou and Kunming two international airport.

Until now, the construction of Lijiang Lugu Lake Airport has been included in the national relevant planning, and it will be built simultaneously with the project of 'tourist town of matriarchal society'. Then traveling to Lugu Lake will be more convenient after two of above projects are finished. (Reported by Sun Ya, translated by Ada Zhang)

General introduction of Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake lies 200 kilometers (approximately 124 miles) from the center of Lijiang City, on the border between Ninglang County in Yunnan Province and Yanyuan County in Sichuan Province. The lake is like a beautiful pearl shining among the hills of the northwest plateau in Yunnan.

Mystery and charm surround the lake, partly because it was once an unspoiled place and still retains much of its totally natural beauty, but mostly because the Mosuo people who live there form a matriarchal society. There is no marriage. Men stay in the women's home as mates called 'Axia' and the intimate relationship lasts as long as they like. Children are brought up by women, and use the surname of their mothers. Families are composed of the members of the matrilineal kin. Women operate production and management, and hold the principal position in the society, forming a modern day 'woman's kingdom', which adds mystique to this place.

The lake is encircled with hills. The water is clean and inviting, with fish swimming in it. The forest around is dense and the air is fresh. This is a place that is little tainted by modern industry - the natural beauty is retained. The weather is pleasant - it is cool in summer and warm in winter. All the seasons are as comfortable as spring, but the best seasons to come here are spring and summer when the hills are emerald green, the flowers are in bloom and the birds are singing happily.