“Yunnan Family” Folk Custom Museum opened on 11th - Kunming
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“Yunnan Family” Folk Custom Museum opened on 11th

By : en.km.gov.cn|Updated: 2008-11-13

“Yunnan Family” Folk Custom Museum has been opened on 11th November, this  one hundred and fifty million invested museum has collected more than one thousand pieces of folk art treasures, is the appearance of Yunnan culture.

Yunnan Family museum is the first folk museum in Yunnan Province, combined the operation scope of jewel crafting, national cultures, dancing and singing performance while dinner, antiques, calligraphy and paintings, embroidery and tea cultures, and the cultures of 26 nationalities, protect the whole nationalities cultures and form and develop the cultures as an industry.

According to the introduction of the investor of this museum, in order to build this museum, Yunnan Family was devoted to collect the folk art heritages for 10 years. The aim of the investor is to create Yunnan Family as the mark cultural building of Kunming.