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The Biggest Experiment Base of Primates in the World Settled in Chenggong

By : en.km.gov.cn|Updated: 2008-11-06

The biggest experiment base in the world for the research and safty appraise of the primates, invested by Hongkong Chengxing Corporation---the project of Kunming international biologic medicine formal settled in Chenggong new city.

As we know, Kunming Keling biologic science and technology Co. Ltd and Kunming Kangjie biology Co. Ltd invested by Hongkong Chengxing Corporation built this biggest in the world and accord with international standard primates experiment base with Kunming Yaling biology Co. Ltd. At the end of this year, 2,000 primates will live in this base, will reach to 10,000 next year. This base will adopt international mode, attract outstanding talents from China and abroad. The research aim now is focus on the medicines for center nervus, infection and metabolic system diseases treatment, they consider the special advantage of Yunnan as “Kingdom of Plants”, research new medicines based on the plants.