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[InKunming--YunnanThe autumnal equinox arrives in the early morning hours of Sept. 23, marking the beginning of fall. There is a tradition in China called “fleshing out in autumn”, which means people regain the fat lost in summer by eating nutritious food in early autumn to withstand the cold. Different areas have their own eating habits. The following will show all flavorful Yunnanese delicacies in autumn, not only delicious food which provide energy in winter, but also special snack that satisfy your appetite.

Qujing Fuyuan, pork feet boiled with pickled Chinese cabbage


Pork feet with pickled cabbage is not only deeply loved by the public in Fuyuan, but also impressed on people who have eaten it. Pickled cabbage is an essential ingredient for this dish, which is digestive and can whet your appetite. Eat fat but not greasy pork feet with a piece of pickled cabbage, the strong flavor will disperse in mouth.

Lijiang, preserved pork ribs


Lijiang is famous for its beautiful scenery, it also has many special local delicacies, such as preserved pork ribs. Due to the high altitude and strong sunlight, Lijiang is a perfect place to make this dish. Cook ribs with vegetables, the soup will become thick and flavorful. 

Baoshan, beef cooked in copper pot


Craftsmen in western Yunnan created the skills of copper pot making. Caravan brought the pot when they walked on the ancient tea horse road, and cooked beef into the pot. Therefore this dish has come down to us from that time. Stewed beef with cabbage, potato and other vegetables are the best choice in the cold season.

Pu’er, Jiangcheng, stewed beef


Jiangcheng free-ranged cattle live on high mountains, which make the beef firm-fleshed. Clean the beef firstly, then put some ginger, amomum tsao ko, anise, Sichuan pepper and other spices. Cook the broth for a few hours until it is thoroughly cooked and ready to eat. 

Qujing, Huize, black goat


Every autumn in Yunnan is the time when the goat grow fat, especially the black goats. The meat is much firmer than the sheep. It has less fat and more lean meat and is mainly used for hot pot clear soup cooking. 

Yuxi, Yimen, steamed lamb with rice flour 


The method of making steamed lamb is to choose the best mutton with skin on the hind legs and cut it into pieces. Grind rice and stir it evenly. Wrap it with various spices such as scallion, ginger, salt, and steam it over high heat for 2 hour.

Dai food, lemon chicken(glost chicken)


Boil the free-ranged chicken then put it into cold water. Tear the chicken into shreds, and add spicy millet, lemongrass, lemon juice and other spices, and marinate after few minutes. The hot and sour flavour will whet your appetite.

Dali, chicken cooked with sour chaenomeles


Dali people use sour chaenomeles chicken to prevent diseases and entertain visitors. The sour chaenomeles has a fruity flavor that gives the chicken a delicious taste.

Yiliang, roasted duck


Yiliang roast duck has a long history and is as good as Peking duck. It has crip skin and soft meat, and the best time to taste is September. 

Jinning, Kunyang, spiced duck 


Kunyang spiced duck is a famous dish in Jinning district of Kunming city. It has a long history and unique taste, and has been listed as Kunming intangible cultural heritage. It is a special delicacy created by Zheng He, the great navigator of Jinning. 

Dali, fish jelly


Cold dishes should be eaten in hot summer, however, this fish jelly can only be served after autumn. The Dali fish jelly has fresh taste, and it is a healthy and natural dish.

Xishuangbanna, boiled fish with passion fruit


Boiled fish with passion fruit is a special dish in Xishuangbanna, cooked with passion fruit, potato, Sichuan pepper, etc.. Fresh fish soaks in the soup filled with passion fruit juice will give you a unique experience.

Dehong, fried snails with Acacia pennata (Linn.) Willd.


Acacia pennata (Linn.) Willd is also called smelly veggies due to its smelly flavor. However, it tastes delicious with fired snails. 

Yunnan ham moon cake


A Yunnan ham moon cake is stuffed with Yunnan Xuanwei ham and honey, which tastes salty and sweet. 

Dali, Weishan, braised pork with Er si


The combination is considered perfect for the flavor of Er si is mild while the flavor of braised pork is strong.

Baoshan hot pot


This hot pot contains vegetable, taro, fried pork and bamboo shoot, with bone soup, and slowly cooked for several hours in a special container.

Fried eggplant and taro flower


This dish is made mainly by frying and steaming, and it can protect cardiovascular system, prevent gastric cancer and anti-aging. 

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