Daguan Park highlights Kunming night view economy

By : InKunming | Published: 2019-09-16



[InKunming--KunmingAfter rebuilding and upgrading, the Daguan Park presented a new look to audience during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. The promoted night tour in Daguan Park fills the gap of Kunming night tour, and creates a representative place of Kunming night view brand. 


Daguan Park has reformed some old lighting facilities to highlight the characteristics of the park, and has set the “must-to-go” spots inside, to provide Kunming citizens with a more fashionable night travel experience. 


Mid-Autumn Festival performances and high-tech light shows given by Daguan Park attracted numerous visitor to celebrate festival, experience Chinese culture and admire the beauty of the park in the night. A waterway between lotus was specially set to allow performers in elegant Chinese han clothes to play Chinese pipa on boats. 



In addition to the archaistic performances, traditional arts and intangible cultural heritage provided children with opportunities to make sugar painting, kites and dough figurine.


In the future, Daguan park will fully explore more cultural and leisure activities, and combine visual technology with classical elegance to meet the public’s imagination of a beautiful night, and to create a new landmark of Kunming night tour. 

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