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By : InKunming | Published: 2019-08-22


[Cailong Club/Ai Qingwei]

[InKunming--Kunming] People walk through downtown in a hurry everyday, but pay little attention to the changes and scenery of the city. On August 17, over 30 photographers, also netizens from Cailong Club, went to Xishan district overlooking the most magnificent night view of Kunming city.

Cailong netizens arrived the first stop, Kunming Xishan Mountain, in the afternoon. As the cable car slowly upward, the green mountains covered by pines were left behind. The panorama of Kunming gradually became clear, and the landmarks such as Daguan Park could be obviously distinguished.


Overlook Kunming from Xishan Mountain. [Cailong Club/Liang Jian]

Overlook from Longmen, a popular spot on Xishan Mountain, netizens could take in everything in a glance. One of them, Liu Jiarong, said, “Kunming is changing everyday, and the water quality of Dianchi lake is also improving year by year.”


Wanda Towers. [Cailong Club/Tianyuyingxiang]

After the dinner, netizens went to two skyscrapers in Kunming, which are Wanda building and Kunming Iron-steel building. They climbed upstairs to catch the sunset. A red sun set slowly to the west while the silhouette of Xishan Mountain looked like sleeping beauty.


Overlook Xishan Mountain from Wanda building. [Cailong Club/Liang Jian]


Kunming’s night view. [Cailong Club/Fan Jun]

Netizens stood on the 219-meter building to take flourishing night view of Kunming. “Living in Kunming for many years, I seldom look at the city in such wonderful way.” A netizen Fan Jun told, “the roads are getting wider and the lights are getting brighter during these years. Kunming is becoming more and more prosperous, and our life becomes happier and better.”


[Cailong Club/Ai Qingwei]


Group photo of Cailong Club netizens on the top floor of Kunming Iron-steel building. [Cailong Club/Yu Ren]

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