China revises rules for commending martyrs

By : Xinhua | Published: 2019-08-13

[InKunming--ChinaThe State Council, or China's cabinet, published a revised regulation for commending martyrs that will take effect from Friday.

Premier Li Keqiang signed a State Council decree to publish the regulation.

The revision was largely about incorporating the honor system of martyrs into the state-level honor system, a State Council statement said.

The revised regulation adjusts the procedure for identifying a martyr and entrusts a national commission in charge of Party and state honors to review the list of martyrs identified by the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, according to the statement.

The certificate of heroism for every martyr will also be granted by this high-ranking commission.

It also asks the county governments and above to hold ceremonies to grant the martyrs' families the certificates on Martyrs' Day every year to show respect.

China's Martyrs' Day falls on Sept. 30 every year.

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