Creative Kunming Culture Industries Expo to be held from July 11 to 15

By : InKunming | Published: 2019-07-08

[InKunming--KunmingFrom July 11 to 15, an exposition that focuses on Kunming city’s creative industries is to be held at 871 Echo-sphere Park on Longquan Road.  

Latest development situation of Creative Kunming culture industries will be put on show during the exhibition. Some new products that stand for Yunnan’s intangible cultural heritages will be displayed on the site. 

Yunzi Weiqi, snuff bottles with Yunnan artists’ pictures inside, and Yunnan’s black copper handicrafts run through with silver will be put out to meet all visitors on the exhibition. 

Visitors could appreciate seal cutting art works, lacquer wares and Chinese Hanfu, too. Human body ornamental designs, flower decoration works set in a fixed room and more interesting art events will be carried forward. 

Those who plan to find fun on the exhibition had better grab the opportunity. 

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(Editors: Cathy Chen, Rachel)


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