First batch of Yunnan’s tricholoma matsutake exported to Japan

By : InKunming | Published: 2019-07-04

[InKunming--Yunnan] On July 3, the first batch of tricholoma matsutake grown in Yunnan, weighed 79 kilograms, had been packaged at Kunming Changshui Airport and was exported to Japan soon by an airplane. 

Yunnan’s tricholoma matsutake was reportedly welcomed by Japanese people very much. It has rich nutrition and special taste that have attracted a large number of Japanese consumers.  

To keep the first batch of tricholoma matsutake be fresh when it arrives in Japan, Kunming Changshui Airport Customs opened a green channel to the tricholoma matsutake. 

Customs workers were ready to verify the quality of the tricholoma matsutake in 24 hours and 7 days. After that, the tricholoma matsutake was loaded on an airplane that was due to fly for Japan. 

Within the full schedule, Yunnan’s tricholoma matsutake was completely guaranteed in a good state at the airport, to satisfy Japanese customers at the largest extent. 

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